Mikael Nordfors, Specialist in Integrative Medicine

Picture of Mikael Nordfors

Mikael Nordfors is a medical doctor currently working with holistic treatment of cancer, psychiaric problems and pain conditions in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is co-author of the international bestseller "Hypericum & Depression", which introduced the antidepressant plant St. Johns wort to the non-german speaking part of the world. Besides being i medical doctor and author, he has also composed music and interpreted classical masterpieces on synthesisers. His music can be listened to and downloaded from http://www.lastfm.se and www.spotify.com.

An Integrated Cancer Treatment program.


An Integrated Cancer Treatment program


In our way of treating cancer, we strive to combine the best from both the traditional western medical approach with natural and holistic treatment perspectives. We are always updating our knowledge, and put all the new scientific discoveries we find on our scientific website www.medicdebate.org, where everyone is invited to help us keep track of all interesting new medical discoveries.