Evaluation of Ukrain as an immunostimulant in patients with various carcinomas.

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162: Drugs Exp Clin Res. 1991;17(2):139-43.

Evaluation of thiophosphoric acid alkaloid derivatives from Chelidonium majus L.
("Ukrain") as an immunostimulant in patients with various carcinomas.

Nowicky JW, Staniszewski A, Zbroja-Sontag W, Slesak B, Nowicky W, Hiesmayr W.

Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute, Vienna, Austria.

This paper summarizes the preliminary results of two independent clinical trials
conducted with the preparation "Ukrain", containing thiophosphoric acid alkaloid
derivatives from the plant Chelidonium majus L. (greater celandine), in order to
investigate whether it has immunopotentiating properties in cancer patients. A
total of twenty-seven patients with various malignancies were treated with
"Ukrain" given intravenously in a dose of 10 mg every three days. In all patients
the cellular and humoral immune response was studied. There was an increase in
both total T-cells and T-helper lymphocytes, a decrease in T-suppressor cells,
and normalization of the helper/suppressor (HIS) ratio. A significant increase in
erythrocyte-rosette-forming T-cells and NK cells was also demonstrated. Serum
immunoglobulin levels, complement components (C3 and C4), and acute phase
proteins were not significantly enhanced. Restoration of cellular immunity was
accompanied by an improvement in the patients' performance status and in the
clinical course of the disease. The treatment was generally well tolerated. The
present study shows that some therapeutic benefit from the use of Chelidonium
majus ("Ukrain") as an immunostimulant in cancer patients can be achieved.