Ukrain both as an anti cancer and immunoregulatory agent

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Drugs Exp Clin Res. 1992;18 Suppl:51-4.

Ukrain both as an anti cancer and immunoregulatory agent.

Nowicky JW, Manolakis G, Meijer D, Vatanasapt V, Brzosko WJ.

Ukrain Anti-Cancer Institute, Vienna, Austria.

Thirty six stage III cancer patients were treated with Ukrain, a semisynthetic
drug derived from Chelidonium majus L. alkaloids conjugated with thiophosphoric
acid. The drug was injected intravenously every second day in a dose of 10 mg per
injection. Each patient received 300 mg of the drug (30 injections). The
cytostatic effect of Ukrain was monitored clinically and by ultrasonography (USG)
and computer tomography (CT), as well as by determination of CEA and CA-125 in
the sera of patients with rectal and ovarian cancers, respectively. The influence
of Ukrain on immune parameters was evaluated by monoclonal antibodies (MAb) to
CD2, CD4, CD8 and CD22. The influence of Ukrain on immune parameters in cancer
patients was matched with its effect on these parameters in 20 healthy volunteer
controls. The results obtained indicate that Ukrain, in a concentration not
cytostatic in normal cells, is cytostatic for malignant ones, and may suppress
the growth of cancer. The compound also has immunoregulatory properties,
regulating the T lymphocyte subsets.

PMID: 1305045