How to use the site

Please feel free to search, use the recent posts,or read our collaborately written Wiki Books in order to find publications of your interest. Otherwise the best way to find the information you want might be to use our search facilities or the Category Browser. You can also find information sorted by rating. We strongly encourage you to rate all content according to its degree of public interest as this will facilitate for all of us to filter out the interesting information from the less interesting publications. For each publication, you can send in, read and rate Commentss.
In order to post a new publication, first send an e-mail to us about yourself with contact details, so that we can contact and explain personally how the website works. Because of spam problems we must make shure that only decent and responsible people will have write access to the site.
An original scientific publication at medicdebate will first be reviewed by the editors, then published in the "public peer review section, where it will be rated, commented and debated by all interested participants. After a period of two months, it will be officially accepted and given a public reference number that can be used for scientific references if it reaches a public rating of more than 50% of the maximum rating by the end of the peer review period. During this time, the author can change and update his text as many times as he wishes. In this text, the summary and the authors shall be submitted. The Full Text shall be attached as a pdf or word document. Not accepted articles will still be available in the "not accepted" section if the author do not have any objections against this.
If you want to enter an interesting a PubMed summary or a copy of a public domain full-text reference, just go to create content and choose "Reference". If you want to start a new collaborative scientific Wiki book, please check that there are no Wiki books published before on the same subject. If there is, we instead recommend you to improve and update the already published wiki book. If not, go to the appropriate place in the Wiki Book navigation tree, and click on "add child page". We hope that most articles will have a summary readable for people without higher medical education, in order to facilitate the participation of people with shifting backgrounds on this site. Please also try to find the appropriate categories for each contribution, by entering appropriate terms in the different category fields. The terms you want will show up in a list after that you have entered the first letters in the category row. Please then fill in the summary of your article in the text field, and a version readable for non-medical people in the "Simple version" field. You can upload files like the full text of the article using the upload function. Remember that it is not allowed to publish copyrighted content without the copyright holders' consent. You will get user points for each activity, with 100 points for sending in an article summary, 1000 points for an accepted original publication. We have a principle to accept everything but will put the material of what we consider very low quality in the "wastebasket section", where it still can be evaluated and commented. If it achieves a high rating, it will be accepted again in the general section.

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