Misfit Cases

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Here yo can publish interesting patient cases, own stories, both as a patient and a medical professional. We especially encourage the publication of Diagnostic and Professional “Misfit Cases”.
In western medical education we are taught about different medical diagnosis and “diseases”. Some of these diagnosis, like measles are quite clearly defined, with a well known cause. However most of the medical diagnosis are rather arbitrary and the ethiology pathology is unknown.As the task of medical personnel is to pair each patient with at least one diagnosis in order to find a “correct” treatment, medical staff after a while will have a tendency to only see what fits into the book, and neglect information that do not fit in. Many of these patients ends up wrongly diagnosed as “psychosomatic” and have a tendency to get neglected and humiliated by the caregivers. We encourage the publication of “diagnostic misfit cases”, so that we can find new ways to help these people, and a diagnostic system that is more in touch with reality in the future.
Many medical personnel are also taught to always bow down to the authorities, regardless how stupid, non-ethical or unscientific they act, and the consequences of unobedience can be disastrous for the person in question.
Therefore we encourage the publication of “Professional Misfit Cases”, in order support all the people out there that still are trying to defend the freedom of speech and thought in a medical environment becoming more and more totalitarian and oppressive. It is perfecltly OK to use a nick-name.
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